retouching restoration old and vintage photos: Professional online retouching, repair and restoration of old and vintage photo:
  • Retouching of cracks, marks of dust, and scratches of photos;
  • Restoration of missing parts of a photograph, including parts of faces;
  • Retouching of color and other spots;
  • Restoration and correction of colors, brightness, contrast;
  • Coloring of black-and-white photographs;

Price for professional repair and restoration of old photographs

Old and vintage photos may be in different conditions. Sometimes only color spots removing is sufficient, but most often restoration of missing fragments of the old picture is required. That is why the cost of restoration of photographs may vary from US$ 15 to 50. More accurate assessment of the cost of restoration is possible upon visual estimation of a source photograph.

How to make an order online

  1. Scan the photographs that need to be retouching.
  2. Send them to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Upon the discussion of presumed restoration of the photographs you will be billed for the agreed restoration works (Paypal, bank card transfer).
  4. Pay the bill.
  5. 2 days after the payment you will receive the file with restored photographs.

Hover over image to look at the source photographs before restoration.

Separate parts of the picture were united; cracks, spots, and scratches were removed; the missing fragment of the photograph was recovered; the photograph was sepia toned.

Dust, small and large scratches, and spots were removed. Margins were added; brightness, contrast and tones were adjusted. Sharpness of the photo was increased.

The marks of detached photo emulsion were removed. Brightness and contrast adjustments were made; poorly preserved fragments of the negative image (hair, jacket, fragments of the background) were restored; the photograph was toned.

Scratches and spots were removed. Poorly preserved details and faces were restored. It was decided to remove one person from the picture as it could not be restored due to the absence of a most part of the face. The photograph was toned.

Removing of photo emulsion damage spots; restoration of the background and clothes. Toning of the photograph.

Removing of scratches, restoration of the picture. Brightness and contrast adjustments.

Removing of scratches, adding of margins of the old Polaroid photograph. Restoration of the boy’s face. Brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness adjustments.

Spots removing, color restoration, contrast and brightness adjustments.

Restoration of a photograph printed on embossed photo paper requires a smart approach and a little bit of magic. The image was restored by mergence of four scans made at different angles. Subsequent mergence in Photoshop resulted in elimination of the embossed photo paper relief. Coloring was made at the request of the client.

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