Guests of 2001photo

 Photos by Nadia Naydenova

I call Nadya "foggy photographer". She has so many photos of beautiful clouds, fog and haze lanscape pictures. I have a long time dream myself of photographing fogs, and therefore I feel a bit jelous of her.

Photo by Andrey Smirnov

Nude Gallery by Andrey Smirnov. Andrey making photographs of a nude models touched with a shade of his own erotic experiences.

Photo by Irina Velichko

A woman - photographer is a rare phenomenon. I am glad, that I took part in creating of these perfect works, and I am strongly impressed by some of them.

Photo by metalworker Makaroff

"Dreams About The Women" by metalworker Makaroff. Among all authors presented on 2001photo Nikolay was the only one, who has undergone treatement in psychiatric hospital.

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